About the Savannah

Savannah Cats for SaleWith their vibrant coloring and fantastic black spots, much like its African Serval ancestor, it is nearly impossible to not become entranced while gazing at the Savannah Cat. While known for their high intelligence, beauty, sleekness of body, and extraordinary size; Savannah Cats, majestic in their appearance, also have intoxicatingly playful and affectionate personalities. You will be surprised to find the Savannah more similar to the family dog in temperament with the vivacity and playfulness of the family cat.

The first Savannah Cat was produced by Judee Frank during an accidental breeding. The development was then taken over by Joyce Sroufe who, through the years, was able to produce the Savannahs as we know them today.

The early Savannahs were a hybrid of the African Serval and a domestic cat. Now they are produced by a Serval and Savannah breeding or a Savannah Cat to a Savannah Cat breeding.

Here at Majestic Savannahs we have refined our breeding stock to be able to produce for you some of the most strikingly colored and largest Savannahs on the market today. Our Savannahs will come to you well-socialized, litter-box trained, and ready to be a member of your family. It is our goal to provide you with many years of enjoyment, excitement, and good health with this highly prized and largest of the worlds hybrid cats.

Please remember that when you accept the responsibility of caring for a Savannah Cat, or any other pet, that they are dependent upon you for not only food, shelter, and veterinary care, but also emotional care and nurturing. The bond you develop with your Savannah will amaze and fascinate you to no end.

Savannah Personalities

Which Cat Is Right For You

F1 Savannahs – The F1 will range from 50% – 82% or higher wild blood. The F1 does not like being held but does love to be scratched, petted, and to be in contact with humans. They will show a friendly, playful, active nature. They generally gravitate to one person and get along with other pets just fine. The weight of an F1 will range from 15-30 lbs but like all generations they look much larger due to their long legs and long, lean bodies.

F2 Savannahs – The F2 will range from 25% – 50% wild blood and will have a weight range of 15-25 lbs. They appear very much alike in size to the F1, especially the males. The F2 will bond with one to two people and will get along with other pets. The F2 will generally make a better pet and will be held for short periods of time. They love human interaction and are friendly and active.

F3 Savannahs – The F3 is probably a better choice for a family that has children. Though they do not like being held for long periods, they too love attention and are friendly to other animals. They do not spray very often and have a more domestic cat personality.

F4 Savannahs – The F4 is enjoyable for the entire family and loves attention. They are quite friendly and playful and will provide countless hours of entertainment and love. The F4 has less of a problem with spraying than the other generations.

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