About Majestic Savannahs

Pure Bred Savannah Cats from Majestic SavannahsLocated on 15 beautiful acres of rolling hills in Southeast Texas. Majestic Savannahs is a USDA Licensed and inspected cattery registered with TICA.

Captivated by the wild, untamed, and exotic beauty of the African Serval, our family has developed a deep seeded love and respect for the Savannah breed. With over twenty years of cumulative breeding experience and by adhearing to the highest breed standards we produce an affectionate, domesticated, and fun loving Savannah that has the untamed and exotic look of the Serval with all of the desired qualities of the family pet. We ensure that every cat establishes the lifelong human bond in its infancy by bottle-feeding each and every kitten. This practice ensures that every kitten is playful, well adjusted, and has the best possible temperament.

Our Bloodline:

In order to produce the best you have to start with the best! We want to sincerely thank our wonderful friends and mentors Martin and Kathrin Stucki from A1 Savannahs, for providing us with our wonderful breeding stock and countless hours of education. After extensive research of the Savannah Cat lines and breeders, it was concluded that A1 Savannahs via their standards and best practices produce cats of only the highest quality, and newest generation. This enables Majestic Savannahs to produce some of the finest Savannah Cats in the world.

Pure Bred Savannah Kitten Breeders in Texas